Software Development

This involves from scratch design of software, as per requirements of the customer. The Company is able to create and customize applications through supporting by an expertise in cutting edge technologies like JSP, ASP, PHP, .NET. We analyse your requirements and come up with a software solution to suite your needs. We finally assist you in training the personnel to operate and maintain the software application

Computers and Accessories

We are authorized registered partner of Dell and Microsoft. We are re-sellers of various genuine brands which includes Compaq, HP, Dell, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, UPS, EPSON Fujitsu, D-Link, 3Com, Cannon and HP. We deal with ranges of workstations and servers which are built by using SCSI and SATA technology Hard disk and Intel server board especially designed by Intel, keeping in mind the requirements for large Networks and their diversified need to improve performance and reliability.

Computer Maintainance

In Computer Maintenance, we fix or upgrade your hardware, install or straighten out your software. We install operating systems and upgrades, most common applications (including Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, anti-virus, etc.), and software and anti-virus updates.The brands we service include HP/Compaq, Dell, Apple and certain others, plus we can perform warranty and post-warranty repairs for you on some brands.